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Photovoltaic Systems

Reduce your electricity payments, start producing the electricity you consume yourself.

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Engineering Consulting Services

With knowledge and experience, we implement the expansion of your company in new facilities of high bioclimatic standards. Together we plan, cooperate and implement your vision for “green” development, according to the latest requirements of sustainable architecture.

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Energy Upgrading of Buildings & Construction of Green Buildings (Passive Building)

With an emphasis on sustainable development, we value “green” investments that save energy and resources. The design of a “passive building” has been successfully applied to residential and commercial properties to build modern, healthy, robust structures at an affordable cost.

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Advice for Real Estate Exploitation

A specialized team of partners provides management and strategy services for the erxploitation and upgrading of your property in the real estate market.

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Green Project Management

With respect for the environment and sustainable development, we support the sustainable expansion of your business. Utilizing modern technologies we contribute to the “green management” and development of existing or new technical projects.

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Building Renovation

Our extensive activity in the construction of large technical projects gives us the ability to deal with any construction and architectural proposal. We do not offer ready-made solutions, we study the situation of your space and create the best combination of architectural and technical proposals, exclusively for your property. In today’s economic conditions, choosing to

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Panagiotis Kallimoros

With knowledge and experience we lay a solid foundation for your projects

Our long experience in the construction sector in Greece and abroad gives us the advantage to work towards sustainable construction.

We design modern bioclimatic buildings that exploit the climate and the morphology of the region, reduce energy consumption, provide comfort and functionality to users and give added value to investors. Join us on the road to sustainability.

Η πολύχρονη πείρα μας

Why to cooperate with us

Sustainable or bioclimatic design refers to the design of buildings and spaces (indoor or outdoor), using intelligent materials that harness solar energy and other renewable sources in order to save resources and protect the environment.

Shading and sun protection systems, devices that regulate natural ventilation, materials that store or block excess heat, collect water and glazing that changes the intensity of light can become part of your everyday life.

High Quality

We are distinguished by our ability to deliver high quality bioclimatic constructions

Extensive experience

We have extensive experience in Technical Project Management in Greece and abroad

Technology of Tomorrow

We construct bioclimatic buildings today with the technological data of tomorrow


We incorporate the latest technology in our constructions

Designing together

Together we design and implement every project based on sustainable business development

Innovation & Sustainability

We provide innovative services for the design, construction and exploitation of your real estate, with sustainability in mind

Panagiotis Kallimoros P.C. is member of

EIPAK ( Hellenic Passive House Instistute )

SBC Greece ( Sustainable Building
Council Greece )

We design modern bioclimatic buildings that take advantage of the climate and morphology of the area, reduce energy consumption, provide comfort and functionality for users and give added value to investors. Join us on the road to sustainability.

Panagiotis Kallimoros