Panagiotis Kallimoros

Graduate Structural Engineer

MSc in Technical Project Management

Thesis: Green Management of Technical Projects

  • Strong background in Technical Project Management.
  • Extensive experience in Construction Project Management in Greece and abroad.
  • Ability to link all parties involved in the project (cooperation and communication), with a view to its successful completion.
  • Ability to handle uncertainty (Risk Management).
  • Ability to deliver high quality construction.

Member of institutions and chambers:

  • Sustainable Building Council Greece (SBC Greece)
  • Hellenic Passive House Institute
  • Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE-TCG) – Graduate Engineers
  • Athens Chamber of Tradesmen
Βιογραφικό-Παναγιώτης Καλλιμώρος


  • “Project management with MS Project” – ENGINEERING INTELLIGENCE
  • “Waste and Litter Management and Treatment” – Technical Chamber of Greece / Regional Department of Western Greece
  • “Real Estate” – Athens Real Estate Agents Association
  • “Professional English” – National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • “Dry construction” – On-site training – Knauf Gypsopiia S.A.

Professional experience in private projects in Greece, Romania and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Cooperation with the following companies :

Aggregate Budget of the Projects: €62 million

      Role description: Supervising Engineer. Project: “Construction of a margarine factory in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”
      Role description: Responsible for the supervision of the projects:
      1. “Construction of warehouses at the Hippodrome of the Olympic Games”.
      2. “Construction of 27 mobile telephony stations”.
      3. “Construction of industrial storage facilities for marble”.
      4. “Construction of an industrial building of aluminium components”.
  • LKM S.A. :
      Role description: Construction supervision. Project: “Attiki Odos”.
      Role description: Construction supervision. Project: “Construction of a resin plant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”.
      Role description: Supervising Engineer. Location:Bucharest, Romania. Project: “Construction of warehouses (logistics) and offices”.
  • MEK S.A. :
      Role description: Supervising Engineer. Project: “Office construction in COSCO”.
  • Olympia Nuts S.A. :
      Role description: Study-supervision of the Dry Nuts Industry.

Professional experience in public works as a Contractor

Executed Public Works in Local Authorities and Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation S.A.

Aggregate Budget of the Projects: €730.000

  • Fire protection and creation of Forest Leisure Area.
  • Horse-breeding farm of 15 horses.
  • Repairs and Maintenance – School yards.
  • Damage Restoration in the Holy Church of Agia Paraskevi.
  • Redevelopment projects Ancient Olympia.
  • Completion of the Community Building of Kyllini.
  • Construction of underground networks.
  • Renovation of Warehouse Interiors.
  • Removal and collection (poles, wires).
  • Construction of underground networks.
  • Placement of Poles, Cable Suspension.
  • Placement of Overhead Network materials for damage repair.
  • NTS Individual Lines Project .
  • Construction of sporadic Network Earthworks.