Our long experience in the construction sector in Greece and abroad gives us the advantage to work towards sustainable construction.

We provide services that are supported by high level scientists. We have acquired the ability to respond to the ever-changing business environment.

Η πολύχρονη πείρα μας

We constantly invest in the development of the knowledge of our staff, as it is a one-way street to keep up with continuous developments and to ensure our quality.

We address individuals and companies that want to increase their prestige and integrate social - environmental concerns in their business activities (Corporate Social Responsibility).

At Panagiotis Kallimoros company, individuals and companies can seek new opportunities in unsaturated markets (Green Product - Sustainable Construction). Utilizing the advice of our experienced executives they can differentiate their product from the market and attract new customers thanks to the "green practice" followed by the company.

We inform and advise investors and owners of land and buildings how they can add value to their property.