Advice for Real Estate Exploitation

Συμβουλές για την Αξιοποίηση Ακίνητης Περιουσίας

Through our Real Estate Exploitation service, we maximize our clients’ potential for high returns by fully utilizing their high quality and guaranteed properties.

Advices for Real Estate Exploitation with respect to the environment

  • We propose solutions that add value to your property and do not leave it unused.
  • Our aim is to help strengthen your position in the highly competitive real estate market.
  • We offer a comprehensive proposal for the development of Real Estate, before making the structures available for sale or rent, in order to make them attractive to investors.
  • The clear picture we give to investors regarding the property is decisive for the development of its sale or commercial exploitation.
There are a few necessary steps that need to be taken in order to add value to the property, make it attractive and proceed – without any obstacles – to a smooth negotiation. These actions are:
  • Checking title deeds and estimating its commercial value.
  • Urban planning control with new topography with building conditions.
  • Architectural Proposal, depending on the location of the property (building or land) with respect to the environment and sustainable management of the project.
  • An investment proposal for the exploitation of the property with the corresponding short and long-term financial returns.
  • Presentation of the investment through an online platform with appropriate promotion to potential investors.
  • Finding the right investor (buyer or tenant) in the Greek and international market, through participation in real estate exhibitions, presentations via teleconferences to investment companies and real estate agencies.

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