Building Renovation

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Our extensive activity in the construction of large technical projects gives us the ability to deal with any construction and architectural proposal.

We do not offer ready-made solutions, we study the situation of your space and create the best combination of architectural and technical proposals, exclusively for your property. In today’s economic conditions, choosing to renovate a space is a smart investment that upgrades your standard of living and multiplies the value of your property.

Another dimension to renovation is the need to create buildings with near-zero energy consumption and environmental footprint. We give you the solution with Green Renovation, our sustainable materials and expertise is useful to shield old energy-intensive buildings and reduce energy losses by implementing passive building.

Indicative results of Green Renovation :

  • Savings on energy bills from 50% to 90%.
  • Improving hygienic living conditions inside the building.
  • Increase in the life and resale value of the property.
  • Social and corporate responsibility from a near-zero environmental footprint, using environmentally friendly materials and renewable energy sources.

Our Company undertakes:

  • Renovation of apartments 80 m2 and above.
  • Detached houses.
  • Office buildings.
  • Hotels.
  • Entire buildings.
  • Industrial buildings.

1. Provision of free building renovation services

  • Visit your place and record your ideas and suggestions.
  • Space mapping and Engineering Advice.
  • High resolution thermal camera monitoring and suggestions for improving energy efficiency (cost savings on energy bills).
  • Pre-costing of the work to be carried out.

If there is an agreement between the two sides then we proceed to the next stage by signing a pre-contract with an advance payment of 8% of the pre-costing.

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2. Property Renovation Steps

    • Study of architectural solutions and creation of a proposal.
    • Final architectural design and choice of materials.
    • Costing and Time Schedule.
    • Choice of one of the following two renovation methods :
  • A) Includes the Construction of the Renovation:

    • Supervision and coordination of work.
    • Schedule monitoring & work measurements.
    • Execution of all works, as well as the supply of all materials necessary for the renovation.

    Β) Includes the Renovation Management:

    • Finding contractors – receiving and evaluating tenders.
    • Drawing up agreements with contractors.
    • Supervision, coordination of work and contractor’s work crew.
    • Monitoring of the renovation time schedule and budget.
    • Measurements of work, certification of payment of contractors.
    • Signing of the Agreement.
    • Issuance of all necessary permits.
    • Start of renovation works.
    • Delivery and acceptance of the renovation work by the owner.